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Apollo Printer Users Looking For Printer Drivers and Support Are Not Lost In Space

apollo printer driver drivers support apolo appollo p-1200 2200 1250 1250i 2150u 2200 2250 2500 2600 2500u 2600u barbie printerA few years back, Hewlett Packard had a bright idea. They would compete with the discount vendors of cheap printers with a cheaper brand of inkjet printer with no reference to their famous customer support.

The result was Apollo. Printers that looked like HP DeskJet printers, used DeskJet supplies, but didn't have the HP logo.

Today, the brand is dead... but based on requests from users, there are still a lot of Apollo brand printers in service.

But what about support?

HP no longer maintains the website with drivers for all the Apollo printers. This site will eventually be removed, but you can still use your computer's built in drivers. Plus LaserPage will always answers for your printer support questions.

Installing Apollo Drivers

Windows XP has drivers built in for Apollo printers, to install:

  • Click on the start button

  • Click on Control Panel

  • Choose Printers and Faxes

  • Under Printer Tasks, choose Add Printer to start the Windows add printer driver wizard

You can let Windows search for you connected printer, or specify the port and choose from a list of manufacturers and printer model. The list includes most Apollo printers, and the Apollo printer drivers are included with Windows.

For other operating systems, go to Apollo Printer Drivers and Support

Apollo printers are not the kind of heavy duty units that one would expect to see used for many years. However, there's no reason to throw out one that works. We suggest shopping for a printer that will handle the bulk of your output, such as a refurbished HP LaserJet and using the Apollo for your occasional color printing.

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